the herbalist of Rose de Marie



I’m Kim Hayes. daughter, wife, mother, friend, and herbalist.  I am an intricately woven soul who is passionate about foraging a deeper connection and relationship with my creator through His creation, plants.

I love country living, rusty antiques, foraging for wild herbs, gardening, backyard chickens, and photography. You can find me in the meadow or in the garden at Rose de Marie, sipping on the tea blend of the day.  Come on over and sip with me for a while.


my Mission

To encourage others to infuse herbalism into their daily lives while fostering a deeper connection with our Creator and His creation.

my Why

Herbalism is a way of life that facilitates a connection to the natural world, God’s world. It is a way of life that bridges the gap between our modern-day living and the lifestyles of our ancestors. Herbalism is living holistically and embraces many aspects such as natural and clean living, whole foods nutrition, self-care, and lifestyle choices for holistic health and wellness as well as caring for our planet. It is nourishing to the body and offers many opportunities for self-care.

Through God’s word, I am reminded of just how fearfully and wonderfully made we are. He has provided us with everything we need to be whole in Christ. As an herbalist, I am feeling called to nurture my neighbors to become better stewards of their temple. This comes with a healthy connection between body, mind, soul, spirit, and Earth. Following these principles allows me to minister to my neighbors about God’s love for us while supporting healing processes. I pray for God to continue to bless me along this journey. I hope you find the information I share to be helpful.

herbalism is supportive.
herbalism is stewardship.
Kim Hayes
herbalist among the meadow