Seeing Yourself as God Sees You is Essential for Self-Care

Seeing yourself as God see you is essential for the self care.

Lately, I hate mirrors. Particularly when I look in a FULL-LENGTH mirror. With one glance, unhealthy emotions of self-doubt and low self-esteem try to weigh me down as if my legs are mucked in quicksand. These thoughts and emotions attempt to convince me that I STINK at this thing called adulting. I feel like I […]

Self-Care is Essential for the Soul

A girl sitting on the river bank in silence for self care. Self Care is Essential for the Soul

Sometimes my soul craves nourishment and restoration on the deepest level, yet I lack the energy or motivation to do anything about it. The honor and obligations of being a child of Christ, wife, mamma, daughter, caregiver, friend, and teacher are forever present. Most days, I feel exhausted and depleted. I have tried putting a […]