Welcome to Rose de Marie Farmstead Soaps

providing you with simple, wholesome & favored soaps, inspired by the farm


Farmstead soaps are handcrafted using simple recipes and old-world practices. Soaps are gently made with love and intention in small batches from scratch, hand poured, cured and hand cut to deliver soap with rustic charm inspired by the farm.  

simply favored goat's milk soap


Rose de Marie Farmstead Soaps are made with wholesome ingredients that are known to be nourishing, supportive and just downright pampering for your skin. 


Rose de Marie Farmstead Soaps are favored over store-bought conventional bars. Our soaps are made with high-quality ingredients found ONLY in nature. Because they are handcrafted in small batches, they are always fresh. Our mildly cleansing soaps have been formulated to support and assist the skin on a daily basis.

olive oil

Our soaps do not and will never contain synthetic colors, synthetic fragrances, parabens, sulfates, phosphates or petrochemical products. 


As a soap crafter, I am dedicated to providing you with simple, handcrafted soaps using wholesome ingredients found in nature while striving to be a good steward with the resources, land, and planet I have been entrusted with.

-Kim Hayes

Handcrafted Soaps Inspired By The Farm

  • Crafted in small batches on the farmstead.
  • Crafted using the cold process method with a long cure time. (6-8 weeks).
  • Hand cut and carefully package with low post-consumer waste.
  • Sourced ingredients are organic, fair trade sustainable, cruelty-free and minimally processed as much as possible.
  • Made with love and intention from my farm to you.

Your Investment

The ingredients used in our soaps are chosen to provide nourishment and support for your skin. The ingredients are of high quality and Earth-friendly. Please note that your investment in Rose de Marie Farmstead Soaps is an investment in your wellness, Earth and my livelihood. Thank you for choosing the best for you, your family and friends. Thank you for supporting our small hand-crafted business.