Shopping Azure Standard: Creating Pantry Provisions on the Homestead

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I have had several people ask me about Azure Standard lately so here I am, sharing one of my best-kept secrets with you.

Before I get started, I must let you know that this post DOES contain affiliate links. If you follow the link, create an account and purchase from Azure Standard, I may be rewarded a small commission. It does not cost you anything extra. And if you do, thanks! You can read more about the affiliate disclosure here. 


Why I Shop at Azure Standard

My purpose is cultivating life simple wholesome & favored. For me, that means fewer trips to the store, buying in bulk, cooking & baking from scratch, and buying nutrient-dense foods, whole foods, and packaged foods with as few ingredients as possible. And if I can get organic, USA-grown foods at an affordable price, that’s a big plus.

Buying from Azure Standard is checking off all those boxes. It has become a convenient way to fill my pantry with bulk items for short-term, and long-term storage as well as month-to-month items. Buying in bulk and storing for the future is giving me food security, something I DID NOT have in March of 2020.

With over 12000 items, many of which are organic or made using wholesome ingredients, I am can work toward my goal. Azures Standard’s Product Standards assure me that I am getting clean, nutrient-dense, wholesome foods.

When I purchase from Azure, I am supporting a family and business that was founded on core principles and values that I align myself with.

What is Azure Standard?

Azure Standard is a co-op food-buying company, founded in 1987 by David Stelzer. He was looking for a way to bring healthier food options to his table after the soil on his 2000-acre wheat farm and cattle ranch became victim to the chemical storm caused by overuse of pesticides and herbicides. David and his family stopped the use of pesticides and herbicides to start organic gardening.

With perseverance and commitment, David worked hard to nurture the soil back to health and fertility. The land, in turn, provided nutrient-dense foods that were nourishing and healing for his family. Soon, he shared the abundance of his crops with his community. The community wanted more products, so David set out to find them. He searched to bring the people in his community high-quality, natural products from other companies.

Azure Standard was born.

Today, the company supplies retailers, mom-and-pop shops, health food stores, and families by shipping directly to their place of business, home, or through a local drop. One of the missions of the company was to bring like-minded people together in community. The drops do just that.

Full-sized, refrigerated 18-wheelers make trips across the nation from rural Oregon and deliver food each month. If you choose, you can have your food items delivered to your door or you can join a local drop that is coordinated by a generous person willing to bring the community together.

David’s organic farming has continued to grow through the years. The farm produces ancient grains, beans, fruit, fresh produce, and seeds. They also process their crops, milling fresh flour for delicious bread making.

Not only is Azure Standard bringing thousands of high-quality products from great companies to our pantries and kitchens, but they are also supplying us with high-quality, nutrient-dense homegrown foods as well.

And did I mention it’s AFFORDABLE?

Azure standard offers items in bulk. The savings in buying in bulk are helpful when building up pantry provisions for food security.

How Does Azure Standard Operate?

Now that you know a little about this awesome company. let me tell you how easy it is to invest in simple, wholesome & favored food for you and your family.

There are two ways to shop with Azure standard. First is standard shipping. After becoming a member, free of course, you place your order, and it’s shipped to your house with normal shipping charges. Standard shipping may be limited for your area.

Second. After becoming a member, you can join a local, or not-so-local, “drop.” A drop is a central location along a truck route. Each drop has a coordinator that oversees the drop to make sure all orders are fulfilled. Some locations have several drops close together, depending on the route. Other, more rural places may be limited to drop locations. I live in rural Alabama. I have three locations to choose from within a 60-mile radius. I drive an hour one way to meet up with a community of like-minded people to pick up my haul each month. It’s been great to meet new people, but one drawback may be the schedule. The drop-off times are varied and may interfere with work schedules. Getting a friend or family member on board to share in picking up hauls can help with this.

Yes, each month. Azure orders are completed and shipped out once a month. This has been helpful for me in planning for monthly and short-term storage and budgeting.

How YOU can shop with Azure Standard

Getting started with Azure Standard is super easy.

  • Create your own FREE account.
  • Join a local and convenient drop.
  • Choose from over 12000 foods to meet your needs.
  • Place your order.
  • Met a community of like-minded people at your drop.
  • OR you can choose to have your food delivered right to your door. (limited area)

Two Extra Reasons to Shop with Azure

Azure Cash

When you purchase products from Azure, you are rewarded with Azure credit. You can earn anywhere from 1%- 10% and more from the products you purchase, depending on the reward category your items are in. Your rewards can be used just like money on your order.

Azure Share

People have been talking about Azure Standard for more than 30 years. As a way to say “thank you,” to their loyal customers for sharing the word, Azure Standard has an awesome reward program called Azure Share.

Azure Share is super easy, fun, and rewarding. When you create an account with Azure, you automatically get your own “share” code and a personalized link to share with your friends and family.

You will automatically get a $25. credit on your Azure account after they spend $100 with Azure.

You can refer as many people as you want and there is no limit to the credit you get!

They offer variations of the Azure Share Program for bloggers/affiliates and non-profit organizations.

Let’s Try it Out!

Now that you are ready to try Azure Standard, AND you would like for Me to be rewarded for sharing Azure with you, click the link below to use my personalized invite code. My personalized invite code is KimHayes4


You can visit and create your account using my personalized link.

Thank You! 


So, What Do I Buy from Azure Standard?

That’s a great question but for another post. 🙂

Stay tuned to see what I am buying each month and how I am creating my pantry simple, wholesome & favored here at Rose de Marie. You can sign up for my Newsletter, and follow me on IG and Facebook. Look for the signup form at the bottom of the page.

Do you already buy from Azure Standard? I would love for you to share what you buy.

Are you creating an awesome pantry? Please share what you are doing.

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