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Grab the Herbal Monograph Template to help you create your Materia Medica. 

Why YOU need the Herbal Monograph Template!

ASPIRING HERBALISTS, I have the perfect herbal monograph template for you to gather and document the information YOU need for your Herb Study. 

BOSS up your herbal knowledge, while building an awesome Materia Medica. 

Streamline all aspects of a plant profile in one simple layout. Never miss a single detail. 

The most comprehensive set of sections for documenting all you discover about plants, every seen in a template.

Hi there!

I am Kim, an aspiring herbalist here at Rose de Marie where I am cultivating life simple, wholesome & favored.

As an herbalist, I am constantly observing and interacting with the plants around me. Whether it’s the plants growing in my wild yard or dried botanicals I invest in from Mountain Rose Herbs, I am constantly observing, smelling, feeling, tasting, consuming, foraging for, gathering and making herbal preparations while connecting with plants. 

I have used different ways to write down what I am learning about the plants. Sometimes the information gets scattered and I end up tossing loose leaf pages in a box or drawer. Eventually they end up in the trash. When I started my formal training, I realized that I needed an organized system to collect and file all the information.

That organized system is a materia medica. A materia medica is a personal body of knowledge based on observations, as well as information gathered from other herbalists, mentors, courses, and other bodies of knowledge. Current and ancient materia medica and research databases are also resources that can be used. Each entry in a materia medica is called a monograph. A monograph is a detailed writing of plants.

Having a good herbal monograph template is a must when building a materia medica. I have been searching high and low for a template that suits my needs.   with. no. luck.

So, like many other things, I set out to design my own based on many formats as inspiration. 

My Problem

With so many available templates and resources, it was hard to choose a template that I could use to organize all the information that I was gathering. I needed a template that would allow my body of knowledge to expand as I discovered new information about each plant. I also needed a template that aligns with my beliefs and needs.  

My Solution

The Herbal Monograph Template!

I designed The Herbal Monograph Template as a tool that I can use to build my materia medica. This template will allow me to expand my knowledge base as I connect with the plant. It has the necessary sections to record specific information. 

What’s Included

The Herbal Monograph Template is a 16 page (and growing) template that covers a wide range of specifics to document while learning about plants. Let’s take a look at all that can be documented.

Gather basic information about a plant such as names, geographic distribution, growing,  harvesting and sustainability concerns. 

Record how the plant is used, including dosage, contraindications, and drug interactions. 

The botanical description pages are great for drawing sketches of different plant parts as well as writing detailed information about the structure of the plant. 

Record the many practical uses and applications for each plant as well as what plants you can add to create formulas. 


Dig deep into phytochemistry by recording plant constituents, actions, energetics, tastes and body system affinities.


Record your own personal experiences with the plant, the  history of use, research findings and resources that you use. 

Record how the plant is used, including dosage, contraindications, practical applications and drug interactions.


Purchase once and print as many copies as you need. There are duplicate pages for some sections and extra, blank pages for your own personalized sections.  

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Oh, so you prefer to stay digital? No problem!! This template is a PDF that can be uploaded to your favorite annotation app such asGoodnotes, Notability, OneNote….

Simple to Use

Upload the PDF to your favorite annotation app. 

Duplicate Pages

Your annotation app will allow you to duplicate pages as many times as needed. 

Go Digital All the Way

Turn your iPad or tablet into a powerhouse of knowledge. 

Backup Your Monographs

Keep your monographs safe by backing them up to Google Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox. 

Print on demand.

The Herbal Monograph Template

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